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New Social Network Pinterest Lets You Create Virtual Pinboards

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If you have incorporated social media into your marketing strategy, it is likely that a lot of your attention has been focused on Facebook, Twitter and perhaps LinkedIn. However, lately something new has been grabbing a lot of attention. It is called Pinterest.

Pinterest is a new social bookmarking site. We’ve seen social bookmarking sites before, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit to name a few. However Pinterest is different, it focuses on images and displays the parts of the web you want to share on a beautiful virtual pinboard.

To share something, you “pin” articles, products and anything else you find on the web to a “board” you have created. This shares a link and an image with the community. The result is visually compelling and the focus on design is what has made Pinterest such a success even in its early stage. At the moment Pinterest is invite only and has been embraced by creative types such as graphic designers and hand made artists, however it will soon be available to the public so now is the time to get started!


So we know Pinterest is very pretty, but can it be used for business? With 11 million hits a week it certainly shouldn’t be ignored as a marketing tool. Pinterest’s users are highly engaged and want to share your content. With the platform now integrated with the new Facebook Timeline, there is so much potential to spread your content to a wider audience.

The most obvious use for Pinterest as a business is to advertise and sell your products. It gives you the option to add a price and you can link straight back to the product’s page on your website. However, as we know, social media is not all about selling. Pinterest is a great place to engage with your audience and create brand awareness. It is very easy to comment, share and create conversation around a topic and many brands are already contributing to the community.

Pinterest is also a great tool for crowdsourcing. Once you’ve created a few boards of your own, you can have a go at contributing to a collaborative board.


As well as using Pinterest as a marketing tool, it can also be a great place to show off your work. Many people, including ourselves, are using one of their “boards” as a portfolio. Pinterest is all about inspiring others and with a torrent of designers flocking to the site you can easily find photos and ideas not only to share with your customers but also to research for future projects.

Crowd on Pinterest

So what are we going to be using Pinterest for? We have already created a portfolio of our work to share with the Pinterest community and will be adding more boards about the things we love, useful and interesting articles, inspirational books and quotes and much more. You can visit us on Pinterest here.

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